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You Are Still Somebody’s Someone (2017)

Esther Wellejus, 24 min, video

You Are Still Somebody's Someone is a documentary from a daughter to her father. A film on the blurry paths of memory and the love for the person behind the diagnosis. 

In a dreamy realm of nature and with an abstract use of archival footage You Are Still Somebody’s Someone takes us on a journey of the sensing and discovery of memory of a now estranged relation.

Artist Bio:
Esther Wellejus is a filmmaker and a writer, living and working in Copenhagen. Growing up in an old rectory at Lolland, she spent her childhood in the forest outside the windows or sitting quietly under the grand piano listening to her father rehearse classical music for hours and hours.

Although she feels at home in comedy, her work usually hits a melancholy, dark note. Sometimes she’s late for things because of who she is as a person.

She holds a Master in Film- and Media Studies from The University of Copenhagen and a BA from Roskilde University. Besides filmmaking and writing, she’s working as a speaker (Zetland and VO for documentaries and animation characters) and in earlier days in radio. She’s been working with researching and developing documentary film and television formats, since finishing her degree in 2008. Former employments at made in copenhagen, Larm Film, The Danish Film Institute, DR, Koncern Film and Television production.

She wrote and directed ‘You Are Still Somebody’s Someone’ / ‘Vi Lader Billedet Stå Et Øjeblik’ – a documentary from a daughter to her father; a film on the blurry paths of memory and the love for the person behind the diagnosis. The film is produced by made in copenhagen with producer Mathilde Hvid Lippmann and Helle Faber as executive producer.

The film has been screened at film festivals all over the world and selected for competition at Sheffield DocFest 2017 (Best New Talent-nominee), CPH:DOX 2017 (NEXT:WAVE-nominee), Odense International Film Festival (Best National Film-nominee), Open City Documentary Festival, London and Astra Film Festival, Rumania (Best International Short Documentary-nominee) 2017 and won for Best Original Music at the Ekko Shortlist Awards 2017.

In autumn 2017 the film was screened at ARoS – Museum for Modern Art – for the opening of the exhibition of Bacon, Freud and the London Painters with Esther giving a talk in relation to the film. The Cinemateque in Copenhagen and The Danish Psychiatry Fund in Copenhagen also had screenings with Esther in talks sharing the background for the film and the making of it.

Ikeru Hito (2018)

Akio Yuguchi, 20 min, video

The blue forests of Aokage have got the blues. Only one child lives in the village, revealing the demographic imbalance in the community, and the legendary statue of the little buddha, silently but amiably, characterizes the dilemma about the future existence of Aokage.

Artist Bio:
Born in Hamamatsu, he graduated in English Literature at Meijigakuin University in 2009. In 2015 he received a master’s degree in Audiovisual Media from the Baltic Film Media School in Estonia. He currently lives and works in Vilnius.