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February 2nd - 4th, 2018
Woodland Pattern Book Center
720 E Locust St. Milwaukee, WI

Deseo II, viaje al misterio verde (2017), Rrose Present
Desire II, to trip of the green mystery  
7 minutes 48 seconds, video

Series: The need for mystery.
Penetrating into the forest with the deformation of the dreams, of the unconscious, of spaces hidden from light. The need to contemplate our mystery.  The indeterminacy of the image gives space to the imagination of the viewer

Artist Bio:
Rrose Present was born in Barcelona where she graduated in Fine Arts for the University of Barcelona. She also holds a Masters degree in Philosophy of Contemporary Art from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Fundació Miró. In her work, she combines experimental video, video Art, (curated on gender), and a theoretical reflection about the image, written in images from a critical "poetic gaze, with a double sense of reality: the PRESENTIAL, using the body as a tripod for her emotions, and the RE-PRESENTATIONAL, with the series of "video 'without-camera" images,' reinterpreting a camera-world ".
Distributor The Filmmakers Cooperative NYC.

Take the Bus on a Hot Summer Day (2015), Gloria Chung
4 minutes 40 seconds, video

A bus ride through Midtown in a reverie of blurred colors, kaleidoscopic movements and muffled sounds on a hot summer day in the city. This work is a rumination on the senses, stemming from a condition of extreme near-sightedness.

Artist Bio:
Gloria Chung lives and works in New York. Her works have been selected for and screened at festivals in the U.S. and internationally.

1997/2017 (2017), Francesca Enzler
14 minutes 51 seconds, 8mm tape/digital video

An auto-ethnographic documentary about a middle class white household in the central valley of California made by a three year old in the 1990s.

Artist Bio:
Francesca Enzler is a filmmaker and seamstress based in California and Vermont. Her work investigates the lyrical intersection of space, place, and the quotidian.

This Room/Patterns (2017), Emilie Crewe
14 minutes 42, HD video

Performed by Anne Hansen
This Room/Patterns is based on the concept of a barnacle: an encrusted species, permanently attached. A hermetic, elderly woman reflects on memories, antiquities and the space around her. Nine windows of moving images are arranged simultaneously to create a video collage.

“An older woman feeds on what surrounds her. Personal archives are organized as a stockpile in the closet, centered on a focal object: the piano. She makes things. She counts seconds as she presses flowers, cataloguing the petals in the dictionary. Keeping time, everyday iteratives are woven with fragments of the past. All the while, the outside world eludes as she is anchored to the 9th floor.”

My grandmother, Anne Hansen (b. 1931, Princeton, British Columbia, Canada), plays the role of the hermetic, elderly woman. These are her artifacts, her histories and little moments. Some moments are staged; others are not. She can be heard playing the piano: gentle, elegant and not perfect.

Artist Bio:
Emilie Crewe (b. 1987, Quebec City, Canada) is an interdisciplinary artist working in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her work often takes the form of video installation, single-channel video, multi-channel video and sketch-work (drawings, collections & archives). She holds an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University. Her artwork is exhibited internationally in galleries, museums, artist-run centres, experimental film/video festivals, and as public art.

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