aDifferent festival Program 2 // Sincerely Synchronicity

February 17th, 2017 // 8:00 PM // Woodland Pattern Book Center
720 E Locust St Milwaukee, WI 53212

Poses, Boyd Ruamcharoen and Christine Dickerson

7 minutes 12 seconds, video, 2016

Poses animates two found photographs by way of imitating them. As it progresses, the film becomes less about fidelity to the photographs and more about our performed mimetic labor that charges them with new value. Our infidelity reveals a strange tenderness between the frames.

Artist Bio:
Christine & Boyd are based in Bangkok. In their practice, they often deal with photographs and their relation to film, conducting formal experiments with the two mediums.


Jeanne et Mathilde, Visto desde el zaguán

6 minutes 10 seconds, video, 2016

Two girls who only know of one another through hearsay finally meet.

Artist Bio:
Visto desde el zaguan started in 2008, in Barcelona, under its present name but
collaboration among its members started back in 1999 in Ireland, with the production
of a 27’ documentary.
The members of Visto desde el zaguan have been active before its creation under
other names (a 27’ documentary about a super8 director in Ireland, videoart shown in
France, soundart exhibitions in Barcelona, Dublin and Hamburg, live concert with
Francisco Lopez, short stories, soundart available on the internet).
Visto desde el zaguan lives in Ireland.
Visto desde el zaguan can be loosely translated as “Seen from a doorway/porch”.


a famiglia production, Francesca Enzler

14 minutes 43 seconds, original footage: vhs-c, final film: digital, 2014

my italian-american family created a series of home movies based on francis ford coppola’s the godfather. in the movies, they wield fake guns and smoke fake cigarettes. they dress up in clothes from my grandparents’ closet and wear an imagined italian-american identity. Combining amateur family video, oral history, and written text, a famiglia production resides in the space between identity and performance, between history and an imagined narrative.

Artist Bio:
francesca enzler is a filmmaker, visual artist, writer, and seamstress based in the san francisco bay area. her work explores memory, time, and place as woven into the fabric of everyday life.  


The Blue Paths, Muriel Montini

8 minutes, HD video, 2015

There was a park. A mirror was placed in its center and Men could enter it.
When they were on the other side of the mirror, they could hear voices and get lost entirely in these age-old stories

Artist Bio:
Muriel Montini studied cinema. She lives and works in Paris. Since 2000, she has made several movies screened in different international important institutions (Musée du Jeu de Paume, Anthology Film Archives New York, ImagesPassages...) and festivals (Hamburg International Short Film Festival, FID de Marseille, Rencontres Paris–Berlin, European Media Art Festival Osnabrueck...). She currently works on different projects..


Cove, Natasha Cantwell

4 minutes 57 seconds, 16mm transferred to video, 2016

Cove is an experimental short film that employs a minimalist narrative to explore the connections or lack of connections between neighbours in a small cul-de-sac. I am interested in the meeting points of cinema and photography, where the narrative becomes lost and drifts into the imagery. The structure of the piece reflects the characters’ self-absorption as they make gestures of being neighbourly, but somehow manage to avoid real interaction.

Artist Bio:
Natasha Cantwell is a New Zealand filmmaker, currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Having studied both fine art and photography at the Auckland University of Technology, her work often occupies the grey area between art and popular culture. Spanning music, fashion and art projects, her analogue-based works explore the uncanny and absurd within everyday life. In 2016 Cantwell founded the Auckland Underground Film Festival and undertook an artist residency at Paradise Air, Matsudo, Japan.


FREEDOM TO MOVE, Marko Schiefelbein

6 minutes 33 seconds, 4K/HD video, 2013

A man is sitting in front of a camera telling a story about an experience he had. Even though he is able to describe the events in detail, the story seems to be unlikely or implausible. It is in fact the story from a LEVIS commercial, which he is retelling from the perspective of the main character. The work FREEDOM TO MOVE draws an abstract image of a human that has internalized the images and stories of the world of advertisement.

Artist Bio:
In his film and video installations he analyzes the language and images of the advertising industry to extract its impact during the process of the construction and reproduction of identity in our modern consumer society. Using re-translations, modified re-enactments and linking new correlations that are mainly sourced from found- footage, he confronts us with characters whose identities are located in a fight between self-determination and a heteronomy forced by consumerism and advertisement.
His works were shown in various exhibitions and video art festivals internationally, such as Rencontres Internationales Palais de Tokyo, International Media Art Biennale Wroclaw, Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, AMNUA Art Musuem Nanjing, Colombo Art Biennale, Microwave New Media Art Festival Hong Kong, New Media Art Festival Seoul, National Gallery Indonesia, Museo Oscar Niemeyer Curitiba and Yogyakarta Ark Gallery.