aDifferent festival Program 3 // That Incessant Particularity of Distraction

February 18th, 2017 // 11:00 AM // Woodland Pattern Book Center
720 E Locust St Milwaukee, WI 53212

Bruder (eng: Brother), Giacomo Favaron

22 minutes 45 seconds, HD video, 2015

Change is not to be found only in sequences of actions or in a completed metamorphosis. In this potential “bildungsroman” the clarity of each movement composes the psychological profile of the characters allowing us to forsee and imagine who they are, who they will become.

Artist Bio:
Italian artist and filmmaker born in 1990. Standing at the crossroad of film and new media.


the room was dark, Olga Ohs

1 minute 19 seconds, video, 2016

a note to a lover that may or may not exist.

Artist Bio:
Olga Ohs is from Karlstad, Sweden. She is descended from a long line of wolf breeders. But she has decided not to breed. Instead, she makes videos, or rather, she has made two of them.